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Ultrasound Training

scanning during milking We offer a training service to anyone wishing to learn ultrasound pregnancy testing of cows.

What we offer is a very practical training with a limited (basic) amount of theory. In other words we will teach you what you need to know. Obviously, a basic knowledge of the reproductive tract and the ability to identify abnormalities is required and will be covered in the training.

Our main focus though will be more in the hands on, "tricks of the trade", that we can pass on from experience.

Basic course outline.
  • Understanding ultrasound
  • Overview of reproductive tract
  • Identifying an empty uterus
  • Interpreting an image
  • Ageing the foetus
  • Cattle handling and set up procedures
  • Suggestions on equipment required

  • Accuracy has to be your aim and we can assist you with that. Our aim is to make it easy and to help you maximise cattle throughput.

    It will depend very much on an individualís background and experience as to how long and what needs to be covered in the training. It also depends on what level you wish to operate at. i.e. someone wanting to start up their own business or perhaps a station manager who wants only to identify preg/non preg cows on his own property.
    The level of training required is obviously different.

    Generally training over a 1-4 day period is sufficient to get most trainees started, depending on the level required. From there, most are capable of practicing on their own with the help of telephone backup from us to discuss any issues and questions that may come up. One or two follow up days spent together after some practice is usually very beneficial to further develop your technique.

    Ongoing support is always availablle

    We prefer to discuss with individuals or groups first before quoting costs. We work on an 'I come to you bases for training'. You provide the cows to pregnancy scan, facilities etc.
    Depending on the time, travel, accommodation arrangements etc, this will reflect on the over all cost of training.


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