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Established in 2002 and formerly know as Ultra Scanning, our business is to provide you with the most professional service to help you maximize profitability in Ultrasound Pregnancy Diagnosis.

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Pregnancy Testing of cattle by Ultrasound scanning probe ( preg test cattle ) has proven to be the most accurate and fastest method of detection of pregnancy in dairy cows and beef cattle.

Services offered

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  • Pregnancy Scanning
  • Pregnancy scanning training
  • Pregnancy scanning equipment sales
  • Pregnancy Management
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Areas Covered

  • click to goto contact information Just Cows Services covers all of Australia.
    Please contact us for an appointment time and date.
Why use Just Cows Services?
Because they perform!
The team at Just Cows Services endeavour to provide you with the most professional service and accurate results available in ultrasound pregnancy scanning.
Should I use Just Cows Services?

If you want super fast service, and with over 9 years experience with the highest accuracy rate that can be verified, so as to maximize your profitability, with regards to bovine pregnancy, then Just Cows Services is for you.